West Side Road
Recalling the great killer slide of March 1936 in Hilltown on the West Side Road.

Slide killed watchmaker Eugene Hill 73 years ago.

Tom Eastman

BARTLETT — Spring floods are nothing new, but the one
that hit the North Country in March 1936 wreaked more havoc than usual — and ended up killing West Side Road resident Eugene Hill in the area of Bartlett known as Hilltown.

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Photo below: Hilltown Slide 1936,  Courtesy of Marcia Dolley's father.

The West Side Road begins in Glen, passes through what is known as Cooks Crossing, past Dick Plusch's "Goat Farm".  Then down the hill and around the bend to what was once known as Hilltown. It follows the bank of the Saco River, then past the historic Lady Blanche House and continuing along past the Lucy Farm and on into North Conway. 
What is the history behind Dick Plusch's "Goat Farm"?

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read the story of the Lady Blance Murphy House at this link:  
Lady Blanche House
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West Side Rd
West side Road Bartlett, NH
Saco River and West Side Road.  Looking South near Hilltown.  You can find this same spot today. A popular swimming spot.  Click Picture for a larger view.
Saco river foot bridge 1910
This 1909 picture shows a foot bridge that crossed the Saco River in the vicinity of Humphry's Ledge on the West Side Road.

It was a popular short-cut for folks staying at the Hotels in Intervale for access to Cathedral Ledge, Echo Lake and Pitman's Arch.  This editor assumes it must have been replaced every year after high water.  Click TOP picture for large size.

Saco River Foot bridge Intervale to West Side Rdfoot bridge over Saco 1910 

Another View Dated 1910.  Click on it for a larger size.
Pitmans Arch Bartlett, NHOCTOBER 1885:   A cavern has been accidentally discovered in Humphrey’s ledge a few miles from North Conway, which is attracting much attention. It has an entrance 20 feet wide and 12 feet high, and is located in what has been heretofore considered an almost inaccessible section. The cutting off of a heavy timber growth resulted in the finding of it. Those who have examined it say that in wildness and picturesqueness it is far superior to the celebrated cave at “Cathedral” ledge in the immediate vicinity. The cavern has been named “Pitman’s Arch,” in honor of Lycurgus Pitman of North Conway. 

Lycurgus Pitman (1848-1908) — of Conway, Carroll County, N.H. Born in Bartlett, Carroll County, N.H., April 9, 1848. Republican. Member of New Hampshire state senate 2nd District, 1887-88; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from New Hampshire, 1904. Died in Carroll County, N.H., November 11, 1908 (age 60 years, 216 days). Relatives: Son of George Winthrop Maston Pitman and Emeline (Chubbuck) Pitman (1822-1889); brother of William Pitman (1855-1940); married to Lizzie I. Merrill (1852-1891); nephew of Joseph Pitman (1823-1908); grandson of Joseph Pitman (1788-1875). Political family: Pitman family of New Hampshire.

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Postcard scans courtesy of Michael Bannon Collection

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