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The oldest remaining


 house in Bartlett Village was built in 1820.

Find where it is and who built it at this article submitted to us by Ruth Ward Abbott, 


Click for Article and Pictures

New Content You Might Enjoy:

Feb 24, 2017: Phil Franklin has compiled an excellent history of the building of the St. Joseph Church in the Village.

May 28, 2016:  Updated our listing of cemeteries Here   And added pictures of the snowroller plaque donated by Phil & Sue Franklin.  That is here.

March 2nd: A 1949 photo labeled "5 Generations of Abbott, Chadbourne and Sanborn".  It's hidden away, here.

March 1:  Our Curator, Kathy Howard, has updated our cemetery records.  Find who is buried where. More than 1100 names and you must know at least one.  Burials Listed By Name or Location (half way down the page)

Feb 26:  Peruse our newly revived Quarterly Newsletter for January.  Members receive it in their mail-boxes. 

Feb 16:  Added 4 photos of Stanton Slopes with Sanford & Gertie Trecarten:  Here

Sep 7:  Ever wonder how the Cook's Crossing area got it's name.  Norm Head will fill you in on the details. 
You may have seen the snowroller in the Park in the Upper Village.  Here is the story of how it got there.  The Page is HERE
2015:   Snow Roller Project:     


St Josephs Catholic Church
The renovation of the Bartlett Village Catholic Church is the Historic Societies most ambitious project to date. 

An easy way to show your support is atGoFundMe our "Go Fund Me" account.  It's quick and easy. Just click the logo.
BARTLETT — The Bartlett Historical Society

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The Bartlett Historical Society (BHS) Board of Directors is conducting a major project to renovate the former St. Joseph Church building in Bartlett Village. The building will be renovated and transformed into the “Bartlett Historical Society Museum” and opened to the public. We are very excited about this project and would like to tell you more about it......


Bartlett Village NH 1950

Main Street Bartlett Village looking East.  Early 1950's.  Today's Post Office is about at the tree on the right side of picture.  The caption says "Looking South", but that's a common mistake made even now.  We are actually looking EAST.  See more Village Street scenes Here.
1950 aerial photo Sky Valley Bartlett, NH
1950 aerial photo showing Sky Valley Motor Court in center, Saco River and Catholic Cemetery at far right side. Notice, very few trees. Click it for large size.
The town of Bartlett is named for Josiah Bartlett. Dr. Josiah Bartlett of Kingston, the first chief executive to bear the name governor, a representative to the Continental Congress, and one of three signers of the Declaration of Independence from New Hampshire. Dr. Bartlett was second to sign the Declaration, placing his signature along with the well-known signature of John Hancock. About the time of his signature his home was burned to the ground by British loyalists.

 Read Dr Bartlett's Biography HERE 

Mary Bartlett was the wife of Josiah,, Read all about her here
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Cannell's Socony Gas in Glen NH
Cannell's Socony Gas and Store when it was in Glen, near present day Jericho Rd.  The main highway was behind the present day Cider House in those days.
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No One Covers The Bartlett News
Better Than The Bartlett Express.
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Some folks have said they just want to see our old pictures.  We put together a bunch of them you might enjoy.  Each picture is linked to its source page.  Start Here.
1948 Steam Train Bartlett, NH
 It's October 1948 and a steam train rumbles by Sky Valley Motor Court heading to Portland Maine.
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The Historic Society Newsletter 

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Bartlett Historical Society Museum Project
The Renovation and Transformation of the Former
St. Joseph Church into our new headquarters and museum

Read more about our exciting project  Read More Here

Bartlett Historical Society presents “Locals Night - Reminisences of Bartlett"


 April 12, 2017—Locals Night—Reminiscences of Bartlett ---be entertained with reminiscences from speakers from different villages of Bartlett with stories of yesteryear and bring your own stories. Current speakers are Carroll Hayes, Susan Nickerson, David Shedd, Virgil & George Abbott, George Howard, Mike Chandler, Joanne Lufkin and others. Listen as they recall life in Bartlett sixty years ago. 


Date:    April 12, 2017   -    Time:    7:00 p.m.    
Location:    Josiah Bartlett Elementary School, Community Room  Cost: Admission is free, however, donations to the Bartlett Historical Society are gratefully accepted at the door.


PO Box  514.  /span> Bartlett, New Hampshire 03812 ...-
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Bartlett Historical Society Museum Project
The Renovation and Transformation of the Former
St. Joseph Church into our new headquarters and museum...
Read more about our exciting project
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