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Red Mulkern has told this Editor that Michael J. Perkins is a Relation of the Mulkern Family.

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  1. Medal of Honor

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    Awarded posthumously for actions during the World War I

    The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pride in presenting the Medal of Honor (Posthumously) to Private First Class Michael J. Perkins (ASN: 60527), United States Army, for extraordinary heroism on 27 October 1918, while serving with Company D, 101st Infantry, 26th Division, in action at Belleu Bois, France. Private First Class Perkins voluntarily and alone, crawled to a German "pill box" machinegun emplacement, from which grenades were being thrown at his platoon. Awaiting his opportunity, when the door was again opened and another grenade thrown, he threw a bomb inside, bursting the door open, and then, drawing his trench knife, rushed into the emplacement. In a hand-to-hand struggle he killed or wounded several of the occupants and captured about 25 prisoners, at the same time silencing seven machineguns.

    General Orders: War Department, General Orders No. 34 (March 07, 1919)

    Action Date: 27-Oct-18

    Service: Army

    Rank: Private First Class

    Company: Company D

    Regiment: 101st Infantry

    Division: 26th Division

Albany Ave from the Garland         postcard text 1909

This 1909 postcard shows the Garland Hotel with folks sitting on the porch, and the church.
The written side is to Ethel Ryan in Gorham from someone named Kate and talks of "a bear fright".    Click the picture to read it for yourself.   

If you see Michael Bannon be sure to thank him for letting me scan these postcards of his into the website.
Albany Ave from Railroad Square
Albany Ave from Railroad Square, read the message on the back dated 1915; just click it....

 Albany ave, card backside 1915

River Street Bartlett NH
River Street Bridge, Dated 1909. On the larger version (click) there is a drainage pipe of some sort on the right, emptying into the river...Do I recall correctly that is still there?  and what does it drain?  More Recent picture is below, left.

Rte 302 from Sky Valley looking west
Route 302, 1940; looking west from about where Sky Valley is today.  Hellen Hayes's Elmcrest Cottage Inn is on the left.
Elmcrest Cottage, Post card
Elmcrest Cottage Postcard.  Not Dated but could be 1960's...This photo courtesy Maureen Hussey.

Albany Ave 1920
Albany Avenue, 1920; looking north.
River Street Bridge
River Street Bridge - undated card - click for larger version.
Shown below are a series of scenes of Village Streets.  Some may be difficult to recognize, but that's what makes them interesting.  Click on any picture for a super-sized version.  All these postcards were scanned from the collection of Michael Bannon. Thank-You
GK Howard Invoice     GK Howard invoice 1910
Invoices from GK Howard Store.  Click for large version
Main Street 1909
Main Street 1909 - Looking West

Main Street Looking North  
Caption says "Main Street Looking North". I'd guess they meant "Looking West".

 Main Street looking west  
 Main Street Looking West

 Main Street 1945
  Main Street 1945 - Sign says "Howard Hotel"  Read the back of the card by clicking on it for a larger sizel"backside of 1945 card

Main Stret looking east
Main Street near Woodbine Cottage Inn, Looking east.  Who are those two young kids standing by the street?  Also, note the method of hanging streetlights back then...(obviously, you will need to click the picture to see that detail)

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